Master Plan

Project Overview

The CID, in coordination with its consultant team of Jacobs Engineering and Bleakly Advisory Group, led the Master Planning process in close collaboration with a variety of partners. Funding for the study was provided by the Atlanta Regional Commission with matching funds from the CID.

Key steps in the planning process included:

  1. Analysis of existing conditions, including freight and multimodal transportation conditions, land use patterns and policy, urban design, and market conditions
  2. Stakeholder engagement
  3. Development of the I-20 Gateway Concept
  4. Development of the final report

The planning team interviewed over 30 area stakeholders; led a Steering Committee of over 50 local, regional, and state partners; and carried out two public meetings to develop the plan. Data gathering included a review of recent planning efforts, coordination with key partners and ongoing initiatives, analysis of existing data and policies, and multiple visits to the FIB corridor to better understand the area’s true needs.

Master Plan Documents:
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Ch 1 FIB Today – Introduction
Ch 2 Aspirations for Tomorrow – Stakeholder Engagement
Ch 3 SWOT Competitive Assessment
Ch 4 Overall Vision and Master Plan
Ch 5 Implementation Strategy
Ch 6 Schedule of Actions – Work Plan
Appendix A – Baseline Assessment Technical Analyses
Appendix B – Market Study Report
Appendix C – Stakeholder Engagement Documentation
Appendix D – Supportive Transportation Materials