Business Resources

Local Governments

The Fulton Industrial Boulevard Community Improvement District covers three separate jurisdictional areas. To report an issue in the district such as a potential roadway or sidewalk hazard, contact the local government where your business/the issue you are reporting is located.

City of Atlanta

Website: ATL311

Phone: 311 (dial 311 from your phone)


Fulton County (Unincorporated Area)

Website: Fulton County

Phone: 404.612.4000


City of South Fulton

Website: City of South Fulton

Phone: 470.552.4311


Public Safety

Call 911 for all emergencies.


Atlanta Police Department

Website: Atlanta PD

Phone: 404.614.6544

Phone: 404.799.2487 (Zone 1 Precinct)


Fulton County Police Department

Businesses located in unincorporated area within the district.

Website: Fulton County PD 

Phone: 404.613.5700


South Fulton Police Department

Website: South Fulton PD

Phone: 470.809.7300


Power & Streetlight Outages

Georgia Power

Website: Power Outage

Website: Street Light Outage

Phone: 888.891.0938


Fulton Industrial District Business Licenses

Applications for business licenses should be submitted to the Fulton County jurisdiction where your business is located. If you are unsure of the jurisdiction, view the map.

City of Atlanta

Website: Forms & Instructions 

Phone: 404.546.0311


Fulton County

(For businesses located in the unincorporated area)

Website: Forms & Instructions

Phone: 404.612.4000


City of South Fulton

Website: Forms & Instructions

Phone: 470.552.4311