Economic Development

Raising Value and Commercial Desirability through Improvement and Perceptions
Fulton Industrial Boulevard (FIB) began development in the 1950’s and has seen incremental, but cyclical, growth for 70 years. During 1990’s and early 2000’s, the District faced the challenges of aging buildings, deferred infrastructure improvements, increases in crime, and a lack of job growth. At the same time, increased competition from nearby jurisdictions with newer industrial parks and integrated common-area maintenance further incentivized local business owners to leave FIB for these more modern, well-maintained locales.

To stay competitive, in 2010 a public-private partnership between Fulton County and forward-thinking business leaders and landowners jointly created the self-taxing Fulton Industrial Boulevard Community Improvement District (CID) to increase the commercial vitality of the District through public safety, landscape maintenance and beautification, and transportation infrastructure improvement programs.

Today, Fulton Industrial is the largest industrial corridor in the eastern United States, home to Fortune 100 companies such as Amazon, UPS, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi alongside large regional businesses and entrepreneurs supporting more than 28,000 jobs and a collective annual payroll of more than $2.4 billion.

Sharing Our Story:
Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Branding, and More

Leading efforts to provide a safe and clean District were just the start. To raise Fulton Industrial’s profile among potential visitors and investors, the CID has implemented a robust marketing and public relations plan that highlights the District’s unique businesses and assets. Our multi-point plan focuses on the following:

  • Marketing – Guidebooks and marketing materials to highlight District advantages and unique businesses.
  • Communication – Regular meetings with business owners and stakeholders, along with District updates via email and a scheduled e-newsletter. 
  • Public Relations – Consistent outreach to appropriate media outlets with press releases and media events.
  • District Branding – Distinctive signage to help brand, enhance, and create a sense of place, and sculptures to visually define major gateways into the District.
  • Community Development – The CID works to build a sense of community by creating networking opportunities for District stakeholders to build partnerships with one another

Connecting Our Businesses to Success:
Speaking up for our Corporate Community

To meet the needs of increasing growth in the Fulton Industrial corridor, the CID serves as both a community liaison and advocate for our commercial property owners and their businesses.

As business needs vary and change constantly, we are proud to be a point of contact owners can call for assistance in finding the person, agency or program that can address their specific needs.

We also advocate for the entire District and on behalf of our member businesses for inclusion in planned transportation and infrastructure improvements, regional development initiatives, and long-term growth plans, keeping our area positioned for continued prosperity in the future.

Return on Investment and Impact:
Improvements Paying Off
Since 2010, the CID has had an investment impact of more than $46 million. This includes direct investment by the CID, grants and other funds administered by the CID, and outside programs and projects that have been undertaken as a result of CID initiatives. The cumulative long-term results have direct, measurable benefits to property owners, including:

  • Increased property values
  • Increased rental rates
  • Decreased vacancy rates
  • Increased tenant as well as employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increased accessibility, safety and mobility, reducing operating costs
  • Increased business development and growth
  • Decreased property loss due to crime and vandalism

    Overall Economic Impact Analysis
  • More than 1,000 businesses located in the District
  • $182 million in public revenues generated annually in the District
  • More than 55 million square feet of industrial space
  • The District currently has more than 26,000 primary jobs
  • The District has more than 20% of the transportation and warehousing and manufacturing jobs in the county, and more than 15% of all wholesale trade employment
  • More than 77,000 jobs in the state of Georgia are supported both directly and indirectly by economic activity in the District
  • Employment creates a total regional economic output of more than $31.1 billion
    (Source: Economic Impact Report of the Fulton Industrial Boulevard Improvement District – KB Advisory Group, Inc. 2023)

Doing Business, Right Here
How can the CID Help You?
We are here as a resource for any questions you may have about getting your business started or expanded in the District. If you have any questions, please contact us at 404-368-4929 or