Economic Development

The CID markets and promotes the Fulton Industrial District to prospective developers and businesses, targeting its efforts to bring in retail stores and restaurants to serve the thousands who work in the district. The CID invests in public relations efforts that have significantly helped change negative perceptions of the District in recent years.

Companies of all sizes are expanding and adding jobs while new industrial development and redevelopment of existing buildings is happening throughout the district. In just the last few years, the district’s workforce has grown to a record 28,000 jobs with total payroll increasing to a record $2.4 billion annually.

District vacancy rates have reached all-time lows while industrial lease rates have increased and remained competitive with other industrial properties in Fulton County. Vacant land is being developed into new, modern industrial facilities, and several older warehouses are being demolished for redevelopment or adapted for modern uses.

Rebranding the Fulton Industrial area and establishing a one-source portal to market the district to prospective visitors, tenants, developers, and investors was a crucial step and major achievement in progressing the Boulevard District. The BID developed marketing materials that included a new logo, tagline, e-newsletter templates, press kit, e-newsletter, image bank coordination, website, stationary, and signage concepts. The branding project was set up with the goals of attracting more industry and supportive services for BID workers (restaurants, cleaners, gym, pharmacy, etc.).

The heartbeat of Boulevard CID is logistics, which inspired the BID to develop a brand-mark that abstractly communicates this area as a dynamic hub of commerce that is Fast Moving and Forward Thinking. The overlapping arrows are intended to illustrate this movement and are rooted in the famous “Atlanta Gateway” sculpture commissioned for the area in 1967 by famous artist Peter Forakis. The monumental sculpture’s geometric form (and size) is unmistakable and serves as great inspiration for the brand. The overlapping arrows originated from the history of the area while allowing the BID to utilize the graphic forms in numerous ways. The result is a family of materials consistently communicating the brand message of Boulevard CID.

Economic and Fiscal Impact Study Documents
2018 report
2013 report