Public Safety

To keep the people and businesses of the Fulton Industrial area safe, the Community Improvement District (CID) funds additional patrols and technology to monitor and prevent crime and maintains a comprehensive program of public safety services, education, collaboration, and communication with businesses, property owners, and public-sector partners.

Since the formation of the CID in 2010, local business and commercial property owners – concerned with crime, blight, high vacancy rates, decreased property values, and challenges attracting employees due to perceived and actual crime in the District – identified public safety as the number one priority for the District.

The CID’s leadership on public safety since then has brought a renewed and sustained focus on making the District safer. Although the commercial vitality of the District has improved in the last decade, the overall goals of stakeholders and property owners – to maintain increased marketability and demand for commercial property, a safe environment for their employees, more secure properties, lower crime rates, and enhanced positive experiences for those who work or do business in the District – remain constant today.

To accomplish this, the CID fostered outstanding relationships with and between private property owners in the District and public safety agencies in Fulton County, the City of South Fulton, and the City of Atlanta. These collaborative and cooperative efforts have increased communication between private and public sectors and greatly enhanced overall safety as well as public perception of the District, contributing to a solid and sustained economic expansion in the area.

Ongoing Public Safety Initiatives

The CID works to maintain a safe, vibrant business community with enhanced public safety measures for property owners, the businesses they support, and the people they employ. Since its inception, the CID has invested more than $2 million in public safety programs and initiatives. These include:

  • Extra Police Patrols Program –The CID implements and manages the Extra Police Property Services Program in the District as the primary strategy in reducing criminal and nuisance activity.
  • Trespass Affidavit Program (TAP) – The TAP gives the police the power to act as your agent when there is a criminal trespass occurring on your property, which speeds up the process of prosecution and deterrence.
  • Boulevard Public Safety Camera Project – Currently, eleven high-definition cameras are focused on vulnerable locations within the District, allowing nearly district-wide observation by a single officer.
  • Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPRs) – License plates on vehicles entering or leaving the District can be screened through law-enforcement databases for stolen vehicles or individuals wanted on criminal charges. Twelve ALPRs are deployed throughout the district, with immediate plans for the installation of another eleven.
  • Property Security Surveys – This proactive approach to securing the physical locations of businesses includes property inspections, security audits, recommended vulnerability remediations, which are available at no cost to property owners within the District.

The CID also maintains public safety bulletins for distribution to employers and employees and schedules regular meetings with our public safety partner agencies. These bulletins and meetings are offered at no charge and are open to any business or property owner within the District.

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NOTE: Emergency situations should be handled by calling 911 FIRST, and then contact CID Public Safety Manager Frank Mazzilli at 404-328-5246.

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