Public Safety

Public Safety is the number one priority for the Fulton Industrial Boulevard stakeholders and the CID.

On January 1, 2013, the CID hired a full time Public Safety Manager, Frank Mazzilli.  Frank has 30 years of law enforcement experience as local police officer and as a federal agent, as well.  He is well respected in the Atlanta metropolitan law enforcement community.

On a daily basis, Frank is working to improve public safety on the boulevard.  He works closely with the Fulton County Police Department to reduce crime in the CID area.  Frank acts as conduit between the business community and Fulton County Police Department (FCPD).  Frank also interacts with Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, Code Enforcement, Fire, Health and Wellness, and Economic Development in order to insert a comprehensive approach to public safety on the boulevard.

Extra Police Property Check Program

The Frank implements and manages the Extra Police Property Services Program on the CID properties.  This program serves as our primary strategy in reducing criminal and nuisance activity on around the boulevard.  The program provides district with localized, proactive and solution-oriented patrolling.  The PSM coordinates funding for this patrol, which operates according to budgetary considerations and overall district security needs.

Facility Security Assessment

Frank conducts facility security assessments for business and property owners at no cost.

TAG Program

The CID has partnered with the FCPD to reduce crime in the district. The TAG program gives the police the power to act as your agent when there is a criminal trespass on someone’s property.   These trespassing/burglary crimes usually occur on the weekend during the middle of the night.  This program avoids the necessity for the property owner, or his/her delegate, to respond to the scene to file a complaint against the trespasser.  This is a free service.  The only two requirements are that the completed form is notarized and a “No Trespassing” sign is posted on the owners properties in a conspicuous place.  The “No Trespassing” signs cost is $16.25 each.   The Public Safety Manager has distributed approximately 300 signs.

District Attorney’s Office

The Public Safety Manager has an open dialogue with members of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office on several important initiatives: Community Court; Drug Free Commercial Zone; Recidivists Program.

Frank J. Mazzilli

Public Safety Manager

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